Give The People What They Want ~ How To Write A Rough Draft

So in an attempt to actually give readers what they want, I turned to the little section on my homepage/dashboard thing that says ‘Top Searches.’ I wanted to know the desires of those few and far between folks who glance at my blog posts in a sort of stumbled upon glory.

                My only ‘top search’ was ‘How to write a rough draft.’

                Well since you’ve expressed interest in this area, I’m here to offer you my sought-after advice.

Step one:


Step two:

Make a list of at least six ideas about what you want to write about, or where you want your story to end up, or any potential plot twists, or interesting information you want to include in your report.

Step three:

Pick one of the last ones.

Step four:


Step five:

Coffee break

Step six:


                Believe it or not, I know why you are searching this. I completely understand the stomach-churning, mind-numbing ferocity that can be the blank page. I know the feeling of stale heartbreak as you watch your great idea fizzle and die within a few sentences. I know the cold desolation of a world without ideas. And I also know why you’re turning to search engines with obvious searches like ‘how to write a rough draft’ because all these things heaped upon you are hindering your desire to put pen to paper.

                And even if you haven’t found this blog because of a search like this, I know you’ve felt writer’s block at one point or another. It’s cold and it’s clammy and it has the power to kill your dream… or your A on a term paper.

                So take my advice and laugh in the face of writers block. Seriously, show that douche what you’re made of. Write. Don’t apologize and don’t make excuses. Don’t care if it sucks. Edits will always be there for you.



                (April short story sometime next week.)


~ by Jade Elizabeth on April 17, 2011.

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