My Day.

  1. I laughed in the highway today,
    Chuckled really.
    Not like November,
    But close.
  2. Subway bags and
    Dead sons.
    Oh, Bobby Bobby.
  3. Film connoisseurs
    Talking through a classic.
    Perhaps if Mr. Williams
    Were young, blond, and female
  4. A tear-jerking ‘dog story’
    And for all your troubles, a maxim.
    All in the forest of numbers.
  5. Didn’t make it to the finish line
    Didn’t make it.
    Didn’t make it.
    Oh God,
  6. Only the Mayans were worth seeing
    Don’t believe me?
    Wear white
    For a week.
  7. STEVE
    Herd mentality for the twenty-first century.
    Dang, forgot my club at home.
  8. “Come on Jade, power through.”
    Abbreviations, calculations, desperation.
    Ready to kick the woodland creature shouting timetables.
    How did I get here?

~ by Jade Elizabeth on May 5, 2011.

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