Double Dosage?

Both a poem and a people watching description all in one blog post.
I’m too kind, yes I know. 😉

He’s a stout new father who doesn’t quite know how to hold his daughter. Italian with a cheek-skimming beard and a graduated hipster affinity for pageboy hats. Heartbreakingly social and outgoing with a spontaneity that won him his beautiful wife. His daughter’s named something like Delilah or Isabella and he kisses her goodnight every night with a “Goodnight baby girl,” thinking about pastrami.

Drowning in a glass of water,
too cold for a schizophrenic
mirage in Flagstaff,
wishing for a double dose of
July and a dog snout on my cheek.
Nightmares like the
crazy love of a serial killer
and shattered ice melting in the
Careful, fake books and lamps and treasures.
I’m convinced they’re unconvincing.
Maybe not convinced but hoping.


~ by Jade Elizabeth on July 5, 2011.

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