Conceptual Babies.

This is for all the babies
That don’t exist.
Those conceptual ideas floating out in supernatural cyberspace
Cause Mommy dearest
Was the one that got away.
Those violently adorable, little intangible theories
Who could have been
Writers, doctors, actors, architects, or terrorists.
But a fight and an oath and a couple unpaid bills,
Their conception never was
Their gestation never was
Their water breaking and giving way to the brand new light and a first gulp of air
Never was.
I’m sorry you’ll never know.


~ by Jade Elizabeth on August 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Conceptual Babies.”

  1. I sensed faint undertones in this piece that suggest that the unborn are better off, in more than a few ways. The opposite is the surface message, and is clearly present as well. Bravo, is what I’m saying.

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