Black-Out(ish) Poetry.

You know black-out poetry? You know where you get a page of text and black out all the words that aren’t interesting enough in order to form a poem? I sort of did that to create this piece, except I cut out what I wanted and arranged them how I pleased. Which is proabably cheating, but who says I play by the rules?

Every day
A pilgrim without a destination
Who talks to total strangers.
Some kind of hero
Magically rescuing
A smile.
God isn’t way up in the sky.
Small, sweet, milk-scented
Eugene, Oregon.
The universe:
Memoirs, essays, short stories,
“You are a human being!”
Falling hopelessly
In love.
I’d watch him,
A ferociously devoted
One-woman army.
I don’t really know.
Eyes that gaze.
Blood red pomegranate
Conscious writing.
Name withheld
The glory and the heartache of being human.


~ by Jade Elizabeth on September 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Black-Out(ish) Poetry.”

  1. Haha excellent! Love what you did with this one. I’m going to go try that right now… 🙂

  2. Thank you. Good luck!

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