Updates, Resolution, My Slow Descent Into Madness.

I think it’s time for an update as well as a reorganization of thought to both make my intentions clear and set some goals. I guess it’s because it’s a new year and that’s what people do, so I’ve been told.
I know I’ve been skimping in the posting area for quite some time now. There are reasons for this, some even legitimate, but I won’t even delve into justifications and excuses and blahdy blahdy blah. You’re welcome.
So, I am currently in the process of writing a short story (maybe two : ) for a bit of a high stakes competition. It seems like a really fun project to get involved with and the eventual prize would mean publication in a collection, and all that jazz. I’m quite excited about it. Though the jury’s still out on whether that story will ever grace this particular corner of the internet. I just wanted to mention it.
The deadline is at the end of January, so I will probably put much of this month’s writing focus into that. This probably means more quickly written poetry for the rest of the month. I’m a student so I don’t exactly have an overabundance of excess time. However, I do get considerable pleasure writing poems in my notebook margins during a particularly tedious lecture. Keep your fingers crossed for those gems.
I have another short story that I’m particularly excited about in the works at the moment as well. But who knows when that will be ready, considering my affinity for procrastination. It might have to be ready soon after January if I blow through all my poem ideas.
I may or may not have previously stated that my New Year’s Resolution for 2011 was to write at least one short story a month (amidst longer works and poetry of course). I did end up keeping this resolution throughout the year, more or less, and have no qualms about repeating it.
Other goals:
– Start a round of more intense revisions for my work in 2011
– Devote a week every couple months to writing a poem a day.
– Become more open to including others in my creative process
– Write more in my writer’s notebook
– Explore new mediums in conjunction with writing

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support.
Jade Elizabeth


~ by Jade Elizabeth on January 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Updates, Resolution, My Slow Descent Into Madness.”

  1. gulrotkake i langpanne Hrm, Not the best post unfortunately. Sorry to be so blunt! You should try some Norwegian carrot cake ( gulrotkake lavkarbo ) to cheer you up instead.

  2. The spam comments are getting better and better.

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