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The horizon flashes in strobe.
Digging our feet into the sand, they disappear.
The breathy kiss of Tuesday
Bleeds into Wednesday.
Stairsteps and inertia.

The x-ed out calendar squares inching forward
Like a worm,
Like a tortoise
Slow, steady,
Eventually winning the race.

The undertow drinks you in,
Loving the way the salt affects your chemistry.
There’s nothing human in the waves.
A barrage of glittering, summer waves.
Again and again, they’re relentless
Always mechanical in their abscondence
No matter how manic the embrace.


Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

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Interview me

When I practice like a fiend

Because only walls ricochet my eloquencies.

My opuses on success and insanity and memory


The murders and rapists with the night off.

I’d choke on fame

And I need my inoculation.

Scar up my wrists messy

For the supernovic brilliancy of it.

While I still have everything to say.

An Unsuspected Turn of Events.

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I know there’s no game

But I play it well.

Making the most of

This trap of

Cinderblocks and matrices.

I’m no competitor, trust me baby,

Just a shot in the dark from left field

A soft spoken rock star with a force field and a Richter scale.

We are strangers and cohabitators and best friends we never knew we had.

We’re just,

Always just something.

You know

I’m not painting my fingernails with hope or anything,

I don’t have wishes stuffed in my handbag

Or wear my desires strung around my neck.

It’s just

You wear blue a lot.

You look good in blue.

Change Hungry.

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My mother’s dress is loose on my shoulders
And tight in the ass.
I could just swim in
My father’s cheap leather Dockers.

Everything in the bluegreen light
Of a nouveau eighteen
Is pawing at the starting gates,
Of the insipid vernacular of
Higher education.

If you’re careful,
You could pick me out of a line of rebels
Of the
Ch-ch-ch-ch- cherry bomb variety.
But only if you’re careful.
I’m here waiting
As the birds on wires
And naked branches
Claw the real life from this city.


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What did you think you’d do with the shoes,
When you felt the worn leather in your hands?
The masses of them in DC echo down the epochs,
But what of the moments
At night when the misery serenaded your sleep
And the dogs howled and the electricity buzzed through the fence?
Snapping into the emptiness on both sides.
The footprints of the death marches
Write prayers in the snow,
Punctuated with bodies
That never got to gain the weight back.
With every crack, blow; every
Fantastically nauseating
Contortion of humanity in your hands,
The utter dismemberment of dreams.

Weren’t you cold, Klaus?


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“Don’t you dare look out your window,
Everything’s on fire.”
Pacing these floorboards
Might bring you straight to heaven,
When the dawn splinters out in
Its discernment,
Only the
I need you here,
Under the celestial supervision of
The deciduous forest and GOD.
I will sing you lullabies of spring
As the dewdrops collect on our toes.
I will fight for your soul,
Wrap you in feathers and photosynthesis
I will give you a resounding paradise
If he lets me.





Hey, so today I was rifling though an old notebook and I found a poem that sparked my interest.

It’s dated 12/27/09.


I’m beginning

To doubt

My distorted reality


Is maddening

In its ambiguity


Spells where I have

Been pulled from

The socket

Of presence

The Backsides of Magnets.

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Tattooed and bald
Wheeling trash cans
Passes sixteen-year-old Allisons
In school uniform and badly lit hallways
Life at their heels
Absolutely awkward with it.
I wonder if they wonder
About past futures
And hairnets
And the vehicles of life, living.
We severed somewhere in the last dimension.
Classes and subclasses.
Equal but separate.