I don’t have a title!

So sorry I didn’t post back on Thursday, but let me remind you that the dates are subject to change as long as I get my three posts in. Summer is crazy, and I love it.
So here’s your triweekly dose of pretentious literary attempts a la Jade.



You lie in sheets of glory

Echoing and sweating

The confetti of your superbowl victory

And notes of a jazz night triumph

Spilling from your saxophonic ears.

Cheers and hoofbeats

Reverberate just under a milling epidermis

As long as Apollo reigns

And China’s dreaming.

After two

When the heavens reflect soft charcoal

And your trophy wife

Croons fluttering German under down blankets.

The support groups

And sycophants dissolve in sweaty palms

Like oyster crackers,

Every facet

Specifically identical in lonesomeness

Like a pair of twins never were.

The bite-sized hours of the morning

Simply demand such inevitable nostalgia

In all its sorts.

Ghostly coos

And the pumping of your mind

Are the only sounds to

Ring out over the crooning German.


~ by Jade Elizabeth on July 9, 2011.

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